Equipping Indie Devs


With Steamline, Whippering acts as your agent of record.

Allowing you to ship your game on Steam without your own Steamworks account.

How Steamline works:

  • Whippering acts as your agent of record
  • No need for you to have a corporate entity, share your tax ID, or worry about US tax treaties
  • Your game is set up under Whippering's Steamworks account
  • You have complete access to your game in Steamworks
  • You control everything related to your game - store presence, financial data, release date, etc
  • You or your studio can be listed as both the developer and publisher
  • Your game's earnings are sent to you within 10 days of Valve sending payment
  • We support fund transfers via bank, wire, and crypto. You let us know what you'd prefer
  • The Steamline fee is 2.5% of net revenue (so after Valve's 30% cut)
Steamline Image


We partner closely with indies to give their games the best chance of success on Steam.
Please note we are a small team and only partner with a very small number of studios at one time.

Please reach out to learn more -- info@whippering.com